Individual Tuition

Providing tutoring services in VCE Mathematics, Legal Studies, Psychology and Computing as well as Law School Subjects.

This includes:

  • Tailored Instruction – that is not only focussed on current subject content, but also assistance with key knowledge gaps

  • Email Support and guidance – provided to weekly regular students to ensure continual engagement with subject matter.*

  • Discounts on other products provided below – Weekly individual tuition forms the basis of an effective learning solution to students. Therefore, these students are afforded discounts on other product offerings by Vision Tuition.*

Click here for  further information about our teaching style and philosophy, or please get in touch.


Online Guidance and Solutions

An affordable option providing separate step-by-step solutions to maths and other homework. This may include:

  • Email Guidance – solutions to maths problems or explanations of concepts covered in class

  • Practice problems and sets – providing extra questions to assist students in gaining further practice of relevant knowledge areas

  • Assessment review and grading – Grading of student work and analysis of key knowledge gaps

Please note, this does not include providing  solutions to formal or take-home assessments. In this case, only guidance can be provided. Please get in contact for individual pricing


Online Publications

Coming soon in 2019, we will be providing a range of online publications to help students with their studies, including:

  • Ebooks – short ebooks on a range of different topics and subject areas

  • Reference Guides – to assist students with breaking down information

  • Quizzes – to assess students knowledge

  • Video Tutorials – to assist students with difficult or complex topics

Vision tuition is committed to expanding the range of product offerings and services in the future so that students can achieve their learning and academic potential.
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